(Video) 2019 Rugby World Cup Japan – Scott Quinnell Reminiscing


In this video of 2019 Rugby World Cup Japan.  Scott Quinnell former Welsh international rugby league and rugby union player, talked about Rugby World Cup participant nations and their emotions on winning and loosing the matches in the past Rugby World Cup.

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Video Transcript :

I am Scott Quinnell ..

I’ve traveled the world.

Never missed a match.

I’ve been there for every coin toss, video replay, post-match interview.

I’ve seen nations bring their best and perform at their worst.

Witnessed war cries and a squad full of tears.

I was there for the try that wasn’t and the win that somehow was.

I’ve been chosen with pride and left out in the cold.

Been dropped, picked up and held aloft in victory.

Shared near misses and clever passes.

Sure, I’ve lost my head at times but kept my cool when I needed to.

I’ve been sneaked in and let it all out.

I long for the opening ceremony and relish being on the lips of a nation.

Four more years, four more years’ that’s what they said.

I bring you closer to the Cup.

My team is your team.

And I will wait, with you.

2019 rugby world cup

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