Australia Rugby World Cup Live Streaming Japan 2019

Australia  Rugby World Cup Live Streaming Japan 2019

The 2019 Rugby World Cup is almost upon us and fans are going crazy with excitement. People all over the world are ready to kick back, relax and enjoy the world cup either online or in the stadium live. The first match begins on September 20th in Japan, and the teams are as excited as the fans.

Australian fans are in high spirits and expecting a lot since they are already two-time winners of the Rugby World Cup. Rugby is growing in its popularity day by day, which means that the number of people demanding for online livestreams is also increasing. Fans who can’t make it to Japan to root for the Australian teams will definitely be relying on online livestreams, so we are compiling a list of all the ways through which you can easily watch the World Cup from Australia and support your team throughout the tournament. So, keep reading further.

World Cup History

The Rugby World Cup dates back to 1987 when the first tournament took place between sixteen teams. New Zealand has been the dominating country over the years with 3 wins, which is the most from a single team, while Australia and South Africa come right after it with 2 wins each. Australia has been a great competitor over the years, being two-time runners-up along with their two wins.

The tournament takes place every 4 years with a total of 20 teams participating and competing with each other. The 2019 Rugby World Cup is set to happen in Japan, starting from 20th September and ending on the 2nd of November.

Watching the World Cup on TV

Although the World Cup can be watched on your laptop on a website, we can’t deny the fact that there’s nothing more fun than watching World Cup matches in the traditional way, i.e., on the couch in front of a television screen. Watching the World Cup with your family in the TV lounge is the most fun part about this tournament, obviously after watching your favorite team play.

So far, the channel Nine from the Australian Television Network is going to broadcast the Rugby World Cup of 2019 that will happen in Japan. You will be able to catch all the nail-biting moments and the highs and lows of this year’s Rugby World Cup on your local Australian channel.

There will also be timely broadcasts of match reviews, analysis and highlights with commentaries and talk shows to keep you in the World Cup spirit all day long.

Other than that, other Australian channels that will broadcast the World Cup are yet to be announced. Keep waiting patiently for all the announcements regarding the airing channels and timings of the World Cup. So far, there has been news of Fox Network and Channel Ten getting the official airing license, but not much is confirmed.

Watching the World Cup Online

If you are not a fan of watching television sitting at one place or if you are on the move and still want to keep yourself updated with all that’s happening in the World Cup, online livestreams are your best option. They allow you to watch all matches for free anywhere at any time and from any device with an active internet connection.

Since Australia already has quite a different time zone which goes opposite to most countries in the world, you could find yourself sitting in your office or driving somewhere while an important match is being played across the world in Japan. Online livestreams will be your savior in such situations. You can just simply turn on your data, open a free livestream website and watch your favorite team play live.

There are numerous websites which allow you to stream matches live. We will be listing down a few for your convenience so that you know exactly where to go without having to search the web.

No matter what your favorite team is, these websites allow you to track their progress and keep up with all the latest updates, fixtures and news related to them along with the match highlights and live matches. Some of these websites also feature a live chat so that you can enjoy the best moments of the World Cup with people from all over the world and share your experiences with them as they watch the match alongside you.

With the websites mentioned above, we are sure that you won’t miss even a single moment of the 2019 Rugby World Cup. You most certainly don’t have to worry about not being present in front of your TV screen to watch your favorite team play against their rivals.

The 2019 Rugby World Cup on Australian Radio

If you are on the move and don’t have time to open a website or, worse, you don’t have an internet connection, missing the Rugby World Cup is still no excuse because everyone has access to radio. For all the true fans who just can’t miss any moment, radio is also an option, whether you are in your car or stranded without an internet connection. Your car or phone’s radio will keep on updating you.

The official list of radio channels that will be broadcasting the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Australia has not been announced as of yet, but there will be several channels broadcasting it for sure.

How to Buy RWC 2019 Tickets

The best and safest way to buy tickets for the Rugby World Cup 2019 is by buying them from the official website to avoid any scams or discrepancies. People tend to sell a lot of fake tickets due to the high demand from fans, so be careful.

To get the tickets, you will have to apply for the tickets online by making a fan account on the official website and following the steps mentioned. The tickets have already gone on sale, so if you haven’t already bought them, make sure you do it soon.


Most predictions see Ireland or New Zealand winning the Rugby World Cup. Of course, being three-time winners, New Zealand is everyone’s favorites. However, some are saying that South Africa will be a tough contender, whereas some predict that Ireland could give New Zealand a tough time if they get their act together in the game.