New Zealand Rugby World Cup Live Streaming 2019

New Zealand Rugby World Cup Live Streaming 2019

Enjoy and tune into the New Zealand 2019 rugby world cup live stream

Tension is rising with each passing moment as the date for the 2019 World Cup inches ever closer. On 20th September, praise will be showered, doubts will be allayed, and rivalries will collide in an intense battle of skill and brains.

The show’s main star is the All Blacks from New Zealand, followed by the Wallabies from Australia. This year has an intense lineup of 20 teams filled with past champions and finalists.

The intense battle will be held in the ceremonious land of Japan with the opening match taking place in Tokyo Stadium and the final venue being the International Stadium Yokohama. New Zealand will have to defend its crown, and the number one threat it faces is the Wallabies. Keep reading to find out how you can join in on the fun and support your team.

World Cup History

There have been 8 world cups to date with a four-year interval in the years 1987, 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015. Here is a brief recount of the World Cup champions:

  • England won the world cup in 2003
  • South Africa was the champion in 1995 and 2007
  • Australia was victorious in 1991 and 1999
  • New Zealand triumphed in the years 1987, 2011 and 2015

As for this year, eyes lie on the former champions to take the crown. However, many other teams have made it to the finals, so who’s to say they won’t end up surprising us all?

How to Watch New Zealand Rugby World Cup on TV


Television New Zealand broadcasts throughout the entire country and will cover delayed footage of New Zealand matches and the quarterfinals with live coverage of the semifinals and World Cup final. To tune in, all you have to do is to turn on your television and watch the match. This incurs no additional charges.

12 matches out of the grand total of 48 are covered with emphasis on New Zealand matches. Hence, you might be unable to watch some parts of the tournament. To allay any discontent, TVNZ has collaborated with Spark Sport to provide live feed for all 48 matches on its channel.

Spark New Zealand

Spark Sport will be airing all 48 rugby matches throughout the World Cup. This means that even the most hardcore sports fans will be quelled. Furthermore, for all customers who use Spark’s unlimited internet broadband, the event’s live feed is provided free of cost. A pricier option would be to purchase a smartphone worth more than $199 and get the Spark Tournament Pass.

To watch the World Cup via Spark, you would normally need the Spark Sport App installed on the TV and purchase the Tournament Pass, granting you access to all the matches.

How to Watch New Zealand Rugby World Cup Without Cable


RugbyOnlineStream offers free and paid streaming services for fans. You will need a smartphone, PC or smart TV to avail this service. Streaming is far more flexible than cable or radio and can be viewed from many different platforms. You can easily watch some rugby matches for free in high quality.

However, to watch the 2019 World Cup in its entirety, you need to subscribe to its premium services. There are various packages available to cater to all types of customers. This is a great compromise between quality and finance as it provides a great number of features in its subscription packages.


Batmanstream allows completely free sport events streaming, albeit at a lower quality. The website displays a plethora of sports including rugby. To start watching, all you need to do is to create an account and login. Anyone with an internet connection can view the matches.

Moreover, it offers a browser plugin which makes the entire process of watching more immersive. An added feature would be the always-on comments section, which shows the undeterred thoughts of strangers from all around the globe. It also opens room for further discussion and critique via the forums.


A barebones option would be Cricfree. It covers some major sports, though everything from the user interface to the pop-up ads is intrusive. This greatly hampers the viewing experience. The silver lining is that it is a completely free alternative and is the least demanding on your wallet. No need to create an account to watch the rugby match; all you need to do is click on the link and press play.

Live chat has also been implemented, though the quality of the feed pales in comparison to the other options.

Enjoy New Zealand Rugby World Cup 2019 on Radio

The entire World Cup can be listened and enjoyed on radio as well. Many local radio channels will be airing the matches with commentary from radio show hosts. To hear them, all you need to do is tune the frequency of your radio to that of the channel.

The most well-known radio channel for sports is RadioSport, which covers all major sports events and news. You can tune in via radio or a compatible smartphone and enjoy. People with an internet connection can also listen to the online broadcast.

Purchasing a Ticket

Tickets can be purchased online with ease. The latest round for procuring tickets started from 18:00 on Saturday, 10 August 2019 (JST). To purchase a ticket, you must create an account and register, after which you must enter your credentials and credit/debit card information. Ticket-inclusive tour packages are available for further convenience from various websites and travel agents.

The resale of tickets is also allowed. This can be done via the official website or else the tickets will not be valid. This is done in order to prevent black markets.

2019 New Zealand Rugby World Cup Predictions

New Zealand won twice in a row, yet a sense of dread follows Australia’s dominating win in the Bledisloe Cup. After this defeat, the Wallabies have shown their competence. Despite the loss, New Zealand remains the number one contender for the World Cup and may just score its fourth championship.