January 21, 2018

Watch Rugby Six Nations Live Stream 2018 Online

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February 4, 2018 is the big day for sports and rugby lovers who waited in anticipation for the announcement of the R.B.S Six Nations 2018.

I certainly do not want to miss a single one of the fifteen matches. Since it finishes on 18 March it means we only have a short few weeks to sit back and enjoy our favorites on the field.

As the 124th edition of the six Nations, I was shocked when someone asked me the other day if Spain, Portugal and South Africa are playing too.

How could they not know that it is six countries, six teams, and held at six venues? The countries we are going to see as always are Ireland, Italy, Wales, France, Scotland, and England. What I want to share with you however, is more on rugby six nations live stream options.

History – RBS Six Nations Rugby

The R.B.S (Royal-Bank of Scotland) Six Nations dating back to 1882, is the world’s oldest rugby championship. The teams participating originally were only from United Kingdom, which were Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. The next country to join was France during 1910, and in 2000, Italy joined too. This annually played rugby match is watched by sport lovers world-wide.

This year we are all waiting in anticipation to see whether England will be victorious again. Since they are the 2016 and 2017 trophy winners, they and the world too, are hoping to see a hattrick. Should they be victorious, it would be the first time since the first six nations that someone wins it three times consecutively.

The games are all played over the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, except for the Friday night game in Marseille when Italy and France play in the third round.

An interesting fact I would like to mention is that the team who won the first Grand Slam was back in 1908 and the team, Wales. The team with the most Grand Slams is England who did it 13 times. England also remains the country with the most tournament wins.

Rugby Live Streaming – R.B.S Six Nations Online Via I.T.V and B.B.C

Rugby lovers will be able to watch all live matches free with UK residents enjoying reliable viewing via I.T.V and B.B.C. Previous years I have tried several options to be able to give you a clear guide on which are the better rugby six nations live stream options. I have tried free live streaming via my Smart TV, Chromecast, a friend’s Apple TV, Fire TV Stick, PS3, PS4, Xbox, iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

  • Middle Eastern Countries, Canada and the United States can watch free six nations rugby via beIN Sports Connect
  • On the other hand, viewers from South American Countries, Brazil, New Zealand, and Australia watch their RBS Live Rugby 2018 on ESPN.
  • South African rugby fans can enjoy their rugby six nations live streaming on SuperSport Live Video.
  • New Zealand live stream of the VI rugby 2018 is available via Sky Go NZ.
  • Australians can access their live streaming through Foxtel

Rugby Six Nations Live Streaming Best Affordable Option

The 2018 Six Nation fans have more than one option to watch the matches live via streaming option. While some are paid options, others are free. My personal choice and recommendation is RugbyOnlineStream.com, where you can watch the six nations games unfold. This website has proven to be reliable with no downtime as I tried them several times during the previous year’s matches. Regardless of where you are around the globe, it streams beautifully.

Using either Apple devices, laptops and PC, the HD quality is worth trying and one of my firm favorites for live streaming. Registering on their website also give you ability to watch matches from your mobile for those times when you are away from your PC or laptop. Six nations live streaming is not free here, but a low monthly subscription of $3.75. When you compare this fee to other paid streaming sites you will find most are more costly.

NatWest 6 Nations

This is another one of my favorites which I recommend. Sixnationsrugby.com has been one of the websites where I watched some of last year’s and previous year’s 6 Nations Rugby. It allows you to download the entire fixtures list, as well as displaying all available live TV stations. TV Stations that will broadcast live matches are NBC, D-MAX, TV3, FR2, S4C, B.B.C, and I.T.V.

NatWest 6 Nations Championship

BeIN Sports

A website I highly recommend too is beIN Sports, where you can subscribe to a myriad of sports including six nations rugby.

Rugby Six Nations Match Schedule on beIN SPORT

Good news for Foxtel sports pack subscribers is that they do not need to pay any fees. They receive free access to the beIN Sports Connect.

The sports are available via the beIN SPORTS CONNECT App, enabling users to connect to watch live streaming matches from both android and apple devices. Smartphones and tablets, aside from PC, stream your matches equally well.

Six Nations Live – Best Free Option

A good option for excellent free VI Nations live streaming is RugbyOnlineStream’s free streaming. Here you get all the rugby action from the six nations, to Asian Rugby-Championship, Australian Rugby, Currie Cup, International Tests, and more. You do not need to sign up or register either. Just click on the streaming link and select the game you want to watch live.

Watch Free six nations Rugby Streaming No Signup, No Ads

Streamshunter.tv – Another Free Live Streaming

This is a website I like too, working on PC, Tab, Mac and iPad and what is more, it is free. This website offers free streaming links around 10 minutes before each game. As you probably know, is free streaming often plagued by adds, however when you use streamshunter.tv you will only have the initial adds, which you can close when you click the X.


A free live streaming website dedicated to rugby is streams2watch.me/rugby. Stream 6 nations live, merely by clicking a link. I have watched a match some time ago and this one actually slipped my mind, however I will certainly make a point this year to try them again.

First Row Sports

I will add First Row Sports, however I have found this website to have connection errors quite often. Accessing it via mobile, tablet or PC each time I receive a streaming error notification.

If they will be able to update or upgrade their platform in time, it is an option you could try. It would be disastrous though if you encounter an error during one of the 6 nations matches, thus maybe keep it as last resort.


Watching the 6 Nations 2018 on YouTube, is not my favorite option, but nevertheless do I know quite a few YouTube lovers who swear by this video channel, even to watch six nations rugby. This is one platform that does not mind that you use Ad Blocker.

Watching Free Rugby Six Nation Live Stream Without Ads and Popups

You will often hear that people suggest using a browser app like AdBlocker Plus. However, from personal experience I assure you that numerous websites that offer free streaming have add blocker detection software. These websites simply will not stream until you turn the ad blocker off. You will have to do as they tell you, but there is a way to get past this too.

When you enter the website keep the ad blocker ON, when you are requested to turn it off, do so. Proceed by opening the Six Nations 2018 stream with a new browser window, with the ad blocker still OFF. After you enter the stream, switch the blocker back to ON. Now proceed to refresh the URL, and you will find either zero adds or very few.

Something else I would like to warn you against is downloading streaming links. Whenever you get a prompt to download the six nations live stream free, ignore it, as it could compromise data, or your PC or device used.

2018 Rugby Six Nations Live Stream Fixtures


3/4 February 2018
Wales v Scotland, Saturday 2.15pm
France v Ireland, Saturday 4.45pm
Italy v England, Sunday 3.00pm

The matches kick off on February 3, 2018 with Scotland against Wales at 14:15.

The second RBS match kicks of at 16: 45 on the 3rd of February. The match is between Ireland and France and as many pundits would have it, this is one of the high stakes matches to watch.

The third RBS 6 Nations 2018 match will be between England and Italy. It starts 16:00 local time or 15:00 GMT on February 4. This match kicks off in Rome at the Stadio Olimpico. These two teams have played against each other twenty-three times in test rugby. Since England won the 2017 R.B.S Six Nations 36-15. I can’t wait to see what will happen this year.


10/11 February 2018
Ireland v Italy, Saturday 2.15pm
England v Wales, Saturday 4.45pm
Scotland v France, Sunday 3.00pm

The match between Italy and Ireland on February 10 will be in Dublin at the Aviva Stadium. Kick-off is at 14:15 GMT.

At least will England also be playing a home game, and this is the Wales VS England match on February 10. Kick-off is at 4:45Pm in London at the Twickenham Stadium. These two teams have a long history with 130 test matches played against each other. Of these England won 61, Wales 57, with 12 draws. During the 2016 six nations England beat them 21-16.

The match between Scotland and France is on February 11 in Edinburgh at the BT Murrayfield Stadium. Kick-off is at 3:00 PM. The last match between the two during the 2017 Six Nations saw France victorious over Scotland with a 22-16 score. While they have played 91 times against each other France won 53 times, Scotland only 35, while 3 were draws.


23/24 February 2018
France v Italy, Friday 8.00pm
Ireland v Wales, Saturday 2.15pm
Scotland v England, Saturday 4.45pm

In the Orange Velodrome in Marseille, you will get a chance to witness the live streaming game between France and Italy. This match kicks off ay 08:00 PM GMT on February 23. I suspect that France will walk away as winner as previously out of the 40 matches played against each other, France won 37 times. Or we may just expect a pleasant surprise by Italy.

On February 24 at 2:15 PM you can watch the game between Wales and Ireland via live streaming. This rugby six nation’s live-stream will be held in Dublin at the Aviva Stadium. These two teams are long-time rivals who started playing against each other back in 1882. That is a long, long time to battle it out in 125 matches. While seven of these were drawn matches, 68 of these were won by Wales and 50 by Ireland. During the 2017 VI Nations Wales beat Ireland 22-9.

Also on February 24, 2018 will you be able to watch another match and this time it is in Edinburgh at the BT Murray field stadium. Kick-off is at 4:45 giving you enough time to watch two 6 Nations 2018 matches live. This match is between England and Scotland.

The score during the 2017 six nations was an undisputed win for England with a 61-21 score. The first time these two teams played against each other was back in 1871 and until now enjoyed 135 test games. 18 of these were drawn, while 75 were won by England.


10/11 March 2018
Ireland v Scotland, Saturday 2.15pm
France v England, Saturday 4.45pm
Wales v Italy, Sunday 3.00pm

March 10, 2018, we see the game between Scotland and Ireland, with kick-off at 2:15 PM. The rugby six nations live stream will be coming via Dublin’s Aviva Stadium. The 2017 result was 27 – 22 in favor of Scotland, thus will it be interesting to see who wins in 2018. These two teams have always been closely matched, with 133 games played of which 5 were drawn, Scotland winning 67, while Ireland won 61 times.

Another match awaits on 10 March at 4:45 PM. This is the 2018 Six Nations RBS where we will see France taking on England. This match will be held in Paris at the prestigious Stade de France.

France lost to England with a 19-16 score during the 2017 Six Nations. Since 1906, a total of 103 matches were played with each other, seven were drawn, while England won 57 times and France 39 games.
On March 11 at 15:00 you can watch the games between Italy and Wales


17 March 2018
Italy v Scotland, Saturday 12.30pm
England v Ireland, Saturday 2.45pm
Wales v France, Saturday 5.00pm

On the 17th of March you will have three six nations matches to watch via live stream.
The first is between Scotland and Italy starting at 12:30
The second is between Ireland and England at 14:45
The third is between France and Wales at 17:00

Conclusion – Requirements for Live Rugby Streaming

My recommendation is to have the latest browser version installed in your devices you will use for rugby six nations live stream. Another point is updating Flash to the latest version too. Then ensure you do not have cookie blockers and pop-up blockers either. Make sure your firewall is not restrictive either.

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